Friday, January 28, 2011

January 2011 Community Update

Dear Respected Community Member,


We would like to update you on our progress during the month of January:

New Masjid Project

After a couple of meetings with our Architect and San Joaquin County now we got a green light that our new Masjid Project can be subdivided into more than two phases. We are now evaluating different options of development plans.

TIC Bylaws

As we have informed you earlier, that a revised copy of TIC bylaws would be available in the 1st week of Jan. 2011; we are running behind on this task. Board members are working with respected community members, Insha'Allah soon we will update you on the progress.

Current Masjid Update

  • The Masjid’s bathroom had a broken cast iron main pipeline, which has been replaced with new plastic line, now bathroom is fully functional.
  • For your tax purpose the donations receipts of year 2010 have been mailed out already, if you have not received your receipt, please send us an email at
  • An enclosed bulletin board has been installed in the Masjid to post the announcements.
  • Starting 2011 the monthly financial statement will be posted in the Masjid in the 1st week of next month. Insha'Allah the financial statement of Jan. 2011 will be posted in the 1st week of February.

Monthly Donation Collection System

For your convenience now we have established the system to collect your monthly donation from your bank account directly on your specified day of each month. The Monthly Donation Form, can be found [Click Here for Form], please fill it and mail to Tracy Islamic Center or give it to TIC Board member.


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