Thursday, July 19, 2012

TIC Weekend Community Iftaar

In the Holy month of Ramadan month, sharing your Iftar is very important and feeding someone Iftar as form of charity is very rewarding. It was also the practice of our beloved prophet Muhammad  .
Tracy Islamic Center is providing the opportunity to our Muslim community members to share their Iftar with others on the weekends. Sharing Iftar can be achieved by sponsoring the weekend Iftar.
We expect about 200 people to attend the community iftars on weekends at Traina Elementary School.  Water and ice will be provided & a group of volunteers will help with setup and cleanup of the school hall.  
Weekend Iftars can be sponsored as following ways:
1) One person / one family / a group of muslims can host one or more iftar. (you provide all food and paper products.  
2) You can also pay any amount towards weekend Iftar. TIC will use that fund to order food and other material to have an Iftar.
Please contact following brothers for more details: 
Br. Saifi Raniwala (209) 612-8194
Br. Wajahat Hussain (510) 378-4123
Please Note: A Few weekend day Iftars have already been sponsored. There will be no community Iftar for the days when no sponsor or contributor is found.
Please contact TIC Iftar committee members immediately to take part in this opportunity.
Jazak Allah,
Tracy Islamic Center
Board of Directors

Welcoming Ramadan

TIC will hold a local moon (Crescent or Hilal) sighting today at sunset time, if moon is not sighted in the local area then we go and see for global moon sighting, i.e. Which means TIC will accept a verified new moon sighting anywhere in the world with the approval of our local Islamic Scholars.
TIC will announce new moon sighting at 9:45 pm tonight or early, please check TIC website site and phone system for the latest update.
If moon is sighted & verified today, Thursday July 19th then 1st Traweeh prayer will held at TIC, 11299 West Larch Road at 10:15 pm.
If moon is not sighted today then tomorrow, Friday, July 20th, 1st Traweeh prayer will held at Traina School.
For Traina School directions please click here.
For Ramadan Schedule please click here.
Jazak Allah,
TIC Board of Directors

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