Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadan Mubarak from Tracy Islamic Center

Ramadan Mubarak from Tracy Islamic Center

The Moon has been sighted, There will be teraweh Prayers Tonight at Traina Elementary School, 4256 Windsong Drive, Tracy, CA.

Isha time is 9:45 PM.

The 1st day for Ramadan(Fasting) will be Monday Aug 1st.

For Ramadan Prayer Schedule Please Click Here

Sunday, July 17, 2011

TIC Anouncement

Current Masjid Updates

1. We are pleased to announce that our Respected Sheikh Basem has joined Tracy Islamic Center as our full time Imam. Please join us in welcoming Sheikh Basem to Tracy.

2. Alhumdullilah, now Sheikh Basem is leading daily prayers at Tracy Islamic Center, please make an effort to pray your daily prayers with Jammat. Monthly Iqamah times are always posted at Tracy Islamic Center’s website,

3. Now every Saturday after Fajr prayer Sheikh Basem conducts a one-hour class for Brothers “Recitation of the Holy QURAN with Tajweed, please attend this no cost class and don’t miss this opportunity.

4. Tracy Islamic Center’s 2nd Quarter Financial Statement has been posted on the notice board inside the Tracy Islamic Center for your review, for any questions or more detail please send an email to

5. The last day for Saturday School for this Quarter will be July 30th and Saturday School will resume after Ramadan.

Ramadan 2011/1432

1. Alhumdullilah our Muslim community in Tracy & Mountain House area is growing, at present Tracy Islamic Center does not have sufficient facilities to support late hour prayers therefore during the month of Ramadan Isha & Traveeh prayers will be held at Traina Elementary School.

Traina Elementary School

4256 Windsong Drive, Tracy, CA

For the Ramadan 2011/1432 Prayer Schedule, click here.

2. To host a Weekend Iftaar either as an individual or as part of a bigger group, please contact TIC Ramadan Iftaar Management Committee:

Br. Saifi Raniwala (209) 612-8194


Br. Wajahat Hussain (510) 378-4123

New Masjid Project

3. As you know Alhumdullilah San Joaquin County has already approved our Masjid project, now we are behind because of lack of funding. We request every Muslim Community Member to please donate generously and enroll in Tracy Islamic Center’s monthly donation plan which is easy, automatic and secure. Also invite your family and friends to enroll as well, this will help us to build our own bigger Masjid sooner and avoid renting outside facilities. Allah (SWT) will reward you for your efforts. For more details on monthly donation plan, please see the righthand panel on our website,

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