Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Friday August 2nd, Khatm-ul-Quran & Fundraising for Masjid Construction

Dear Respected Community Member,


Traweeh prayers Khatm-ul-Quran will be held on the night of Friday August 2nd, the 25th of Ramadan.

Isha Prayer start time: 9:45 pm
Location: Traina Elementry School, Tracy

New Masjid Fundraising:
On the same night after Isha prayers Insha-Allah we will have the fundraising for Masjid Construction.

Alhumdullilah, Masjid construction has already started now it needs your financial support so we can continue on with the construction process.
"Our goal is to pray next Traweeh at our Masjid. "

Regardless of any differences let us work together as team and we can achieve this goal. Please participate in this fundraising event and donate generously.

To see Masjid construction pictures please click the following link:

After Dua-e-Khatm-ul-Quran sweets will be distributed.

Community Iftaar on this weekend:
Insha-Allah on this last weekend of Ramadan we will also have community iftaar on both Saturday August 3rd & Sunady, August 4th .

Please join these last community iftaars of the holy month of Ramadan with your family and friends.

Jazak Allah,
TIC Management Team

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Masjid Ground Breaking

Respected Community member,
Alhumdullilah finally the time has arrived to start the construction work of our Masjid in this Holly Month of Ramadan.
Construction preparation work has started today and Insha-Allah on this Friday July 26th we are holding a ground breaking ceremony right after Friday prayers at 2:45 pm at the New Location.
Address: 11970 W. Larch Road (at the corner of W. Larch & Corral Hollow Road) Tracy, CA 95304 [Click for Map]
We request you to please attend this historic event for our Muslim Community.
We further request you to please help with your generous donations so we can continue on with the construction process and build this urgently needed Masjid and start praying there as soon as possible.

Jazak Allah,

Management Team

Tracy Islamic Center

Saturday, July 6, 2013

TIC Update July 06, 2013

Dear Respected Community Member,


Ramadan preparation:

Insha-Allah based on the new moon (Hilal) sighting, the first Traweeh Prayers will be held either on Monday July 8th or Tuesday July 9th along with Isha prayers and our respected Sheikh Basem will lead the Traweeh prayers.

Currently Tracy Islamic Center (TIC) does not have a sufficient facility to hold large congregation prayers (Traweeh prayers) during the nighttime therefore for your convenience once again in this year the multipurpose hall at Traina Elementary School in Tracy has been reserved therefore to cover additional expenses we request every Muslim family from Tracy & Mountain House area to please donate $100 to towards the Ramadan expense.

To print Tracy Islamic Center Ramadan Calendar please click the following link:

For Ramadan Prayer Calendar Please Click Here

Weekend Community Ifftar:

Tracy Islamic center has also reserved the hall at Traina School to hold community iftaars on the weekends in the month of Ramadan, if you would like to host a weekend iftaar alone or as a part of a group, please contact Br. Wajahat (510-378-4123) or Br. Saifi Raniwala (209-612-8194).

Daily Prayers at Tracy Islamic Center (TIC):

Alhumdullilah TIC is holding 5 daily prayers which lead by Sheikh Basem we encourage all the local Muslims please offer your daily salat in Jamaat (praying in congregation) at Tracy Islamic Center.

New Masjid Project:

Due to changing market conditions the estimated construction cost for phase-1A is about $1.47 million; currently we have approx. $150,000 in the bank. In order to start the construction, please help to raise $500,000 immediately so we can sustain the construction process.  Afterward we need to raise the remaining required funds to complete the construction.

We like to remind you that Alhumdullilah 2.59 acre lot has already been purchased plus we have also paid all the construction permits and project design related fees and now we have an opportunity to start the construction of a Masjid right from its foundation. This is a lifetime opportunity for a Sadqa-e-Jariya, we request you please come forward and donate as much as you can to build this urgently needed Masjid. We further request you please also ask your relatives and your friends to take part in this noble cause.

If you are not able to donate at this time Tracy Islamic Center also welcomes your Quard-e-hasana and Tracy Islamic Center will provide you the “Promissory Note” that your Quard-e-hasana will be paid back to you in future, please also request your family members and friends for a Quard-e-hasana for Masjid construction.

TIC as an Organization:

Alhumdullilah, now we have TIC Bylaws (the constitution) and we also have a team of volunteers as TIC Board of Directors. This team is serving the local Muslim community by not only managing the Tracy Islamic Center but also the New Masjid Project simultaneously.

As an organization, here are some important steps we need to achieve:

1-      Establishing TIC Board of Trustees
2-      Establishing new Board of Directors

Currently TIC General Body consists on  approx. 85 members and as per TIC record each of them has donated $240/= or more in the financial year ended on December 31, 2012 and these TIC members are living in Tracy and Mountain House areas. Based on their membership status these brothers and sisters will participate in TIC elections (in decision makings process) as a voter and as a candidate in the year 2013.

We encourage all Muslims who are living in Tracy & Mountain House areas and they are not yet TIC member, please become TIC member, pay your membership fee so you can participate in TIC decision making process in the year 2014. For more details please refer to TIC bylaws its copy is available on TIC website. Please become a monthly donor and click following link to Tracy Islamic Center website and fill & submit online monthly donation form:

Please Note: TIC Masjid is open to every Muslim regardless of his or her TIC membership status.

We request you please help TIC Board of Directors in managing the Tracy Islamic Center as an organization.

Jazak Allah,

TIC Board of Directors

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